Eldrazi Green

Out of no where this deck placed 1st(played by Kali Anderson) in the recent SCG 5K event in Nashville. This is a mono colored version of the one the Gr Elves deck I mentioned earlier this week and it is the all the rage right now on Magic the Gathering Blogs and Forums.

The deck essentially runs the same, but instead of going heavy Planeswalkers, it focuses on the Eldrazi Monument, using Master of the Wild Hunt, Garruk Wildspeaker, Ant Queen, and Nissa Revane to pump out at least 1 creature each turn. When then lets your 1/1 – 4/4 elves(depending on how many Elvish Archdruids are in play) fly over and attack. . .and leaving behind just enough defenders(since they are all indestructible).

Please discuss & debate your opinion of the best sideboarding options in the comments at the bottom of this post. . .

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