Jund Aggro

So Jund Aggro has been around for a while but with the Zendikar rotation this deck shines above all the rest. There are many variations of this deck including Lotus Cobra, Banefire, Anathemancer, and many other strong cards that are Red and/or Green and/or Black. I feel this deck has a strong game against just about every deck available in the format. . .and the versatility that the sideboard can provide lets this deck shine more than any other deck available right now.

This particular version of this deck is from Jack Wang, who won the StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open on October 11th 2009. It is fair to note that in the top 8 of this tournament there were 5 Jund Aggro decks.

The goal with this deck is to out creature your opponent. Cards like Sprouting Thrinax which, ‘pops’ into 3 other creatures, which increases your damage with Garruk Wildspeaker’s ultimate. Bituminous Blast and Bloodbraid Elf increase your card advantage, cascading into cards like Maelstrom Pulse, Blightning, and even a Lightning Bolt give you even more of an advantage.

Please discuss & debate your opinion of the best sideboarding options in the comments at the bottom of this post. . .

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